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I didn't actually realize it before, but FF7's localization is a… - 死にたい… [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jun. 29th, 2007|04:05 am]
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I didn't actually realize it before, but FF7's localization is a travesty. I've never seen a more racist depiction of a stereotype in a videogame before. For some reason, Barett needs to say "Yo" once every 30 seconds in FF7USA (hereafter referred to as 7us). His dialogue is filled with *&^%, or as I like to call it, "retardmarks", which either meant the translator was too fucking lazy to come up with a decent swear or it was meant to appear more risque than it actually is. The only time Barett swears in 7i (FF7 International) to the point of actually needing to bring attention to it is after Sector 7 gets destroyed and he believes Marlene (マリン) died. Then, all he says is こんちくしょう! three times. I will admit its difficult to determine in Japanese when swearing is appropriate, since their swears aren't as harsh as in English... But I guarunfuckingtee you "*&%^" is never appropriate. Adding in swears, not to mention ones you censor yourself is just retarded.

Speaking of retarded, that's what the editor must have been. It seems half the translations in 7us make perfect sense, and the other half were translated totally out of context and never fixed. I'm assuming two different people did it and they never bothered to sync up the script.

Not only that, but character's personalities were COMPLETELY changed. Tifa and Jessie are very affeminate, Aeris is NOT an airHEAD, and Barett isn't ghetto. Red XIII's intelligence is conveyed through his speech very well. In fact, the only one who really speaks with any sort of special inflection would be Wedge. He talks with っす, which I've seen localized into "dude" (a la Disgaia) for a surferboy type of speech, but I think if you're going that route "man" would a) be more accurate (more people talk like that) and b) doesn't sound dumb; I've also seen it as "yo" (still probably better than 'dude').

Some stuff:
Shinra (神羅): The first character (shin) deals with 'god', and the second is used in 'splendor', and also the native writing of 'Rome'. This carries several implications that don't get carried over with a direct... well, romanization.
Mako/Makou (魔晄) 'ma' is generally associated with evil and magic, and the second character 'kou' is an alternate kanji for use with 'akiraka', meaning 'obvious' (the common kanji 明 is associated with 'bright' as well). From this we can derive a meaning that is obvious to anyone who has played FF7... Men from Soldier are infused with Makou energy, and their eyes emit a glow. As Shinga says, "Who would trust a product with the name makou?"
Anyway, once you take into account all the meanings of these obviously thoughtfully-concieved names, a new level of understanding opens up.

Some other stuff that is missed in 7us:
男男男 (Otoko otoko otoko, Men Men Men) is the name of the Gym in Wall Market. Cloud doesn't know at first that the woman you talk to is a man. In fact, his speech is pretty proper and affeminate, but the bodybuilders call him 'aniki' (a term used in gangs and the like by underlings, it literally means older brother, but its usually translated as "big bro"... In the west we just say boss. Does nobody know this?). Anyway, the dialogue goes, "Are you..." "THE beautiful bro?" which makes no sense. One of the bodybuilders says 'kawaii aniki', which I suppose they decided to translate as 'beautiful bro', except the underling doesn't say anything like that in 7us... so when Aeris re-mentions that phrase, it's because she's surprised that the woman you're talking to is a male. As I mentioned, he speaks affeminately in Japanese. In 7us, he speaks more or less masculine. Granted, there are no dialogue markers in English like in Japanese, but the graphics aren't good enough to show detail, so in this case you're relying on his speech to tell you what sex he is. The fact that the 'aniki' is not really female is just something else that gets lost in this poor translation. Anyway, when Aeris says 'beautiful bro', its the first time you see it--but the way it's used implies that its some kind of street alias that Aeris has heard before (making the player confused in the process), which is not the case. It's not a huge deal, but it makes an extremely simple situation unnecessarily complicated just because two lines of dialogue don't sync up. Which is why I believe multiple people worked on the translation and one worked out of context and one just doesn't know what the fuck he was doing.

And there's so much more...